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You may have seen that the dash cameras are becoming increasingly popular of late so we decided to explore why you need a dash cam in 2018 and whether they are a fleeting fad or a new essential n modern driving.

Safety at work

If your car or van is also your place of work, a dash cam can give the same degree of comfort as a CCTV system. Cameras are deterrents to thieves and someone may think twice about stealing from you if you have a concealed camera.

Capturing evidence during and after an incident

You may have seen motorcyclists with cameras attached to their helmets. Dash cams can provide that same viewpoint from your car. Capturing your journey and any incidents that may arise on today’s increasingly busy roads. Many models also allow you to use the camera to capture still images in case of an accident, helping you to gather the evidence you need to settle your claim.

Settling a claim made more efficient

It can be the case that witness recollections of incidents are unreliable. A camera is as accurate an account of an incident as anyone is likely to get. There will be no doubt who is in the wrong if the details are all on video. This can help your insurance company to expedite the claims process.

They could help your premiums

It’s worth checking with your insurance company but there are two schools of thought here. One is that an additional piece of electrical equipment is just asking for someone to break into your car. A second is that keeping a second (more reliable) eye on the road should be good for your premiums. There is also a chance you could be protected from fraudulent claims.

They don’t need to cost the earth

Our dash cameras start from just £28.79 (ex VAT) and our friendly staff can help you to find the best one to suit your needs. Contact us today on 01782 590700 or check out the range in our online shop.

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