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Also know as Dash Cams, as the name suggests they are video recording devices that are generally positioned on the dashboard of a vehicle. Russia has had them for a while now and a video testimony is even preferred over a spoken one when tackling road traffic accident claims.

Now becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the rest of the world because of its wide array of uses, designed essentially to record the activities happening on the outside and inside of a vehicle they can provide a variety of benefits.

Don’t get falsely accused when involved in a road traffic incident.

First and I imagine the most obvious of these is coming to your aid in a road traffic accident.

We’ve all been there, you're involved in an accident on the road that is not your fault but the other driver claims that in fact it is your fault. This can be a very stressful and unpleasant ordeal with a lot of back and forth between both parties.

In this instance an onboard dash cam is your best friend and your best way of providing sufficient evidence for your defence, without it it’s your word against there’s and could end up costing you your precious time and money.

This is without a doubt the most popular reason for drivers getting a dash cam.

It’s not always other drivers that you will come in to conflict with on the road either, there are always the pedestrians and those looking to make a bit of quick cash from a fraudulent claim to be aware of.


Report dangerous drivers making the road a safer place for you and everyone else.

Lots of drivers who commit road rage will only do this as they know that not many people are around to see it but not anymore with a dash cam you can get it all on camera exposing the ‘ragers’ and potentially cutting down their activity and making more of them aware they will not get away with it all the time.

This can also be applied to the irresponsible, drunk and reckless drivers on the roads of course and in time can be used to reduce their presence and increase road safety.

You could end up recording something completely unexpected.

Dash cams can be used 24/7 if required and this can be a great opportunity to catch those unexpected moments that happen when your way from the vehicle.

You never know what you’re missing until you can actually see what you’re missing and who knows if you upload your footage to the net it could go ‘viral’.

Your insurance could go down.

Some insurance companies in the UK are now offering discounts for drivers with dash cams installed which is also a positive to think about.

So if all that’s captured your interest and you’re thinking of investing in a Dashboard Camera, we have a range available on our website. If you have any questions about the products feel free to get in touch.

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