When to change your windscreen wipers

When was the last time you changed your wiper blades? Maybe you can’t even remember but there are sure signs that tell you when it’s definitely time for a new pair.

Did you know it’s often recommended that you change your wipers once a year and more frequently if your annual mileage is more than 18,000.

They are truly and important part of your car and let’s face it, in Britain they definitely do their fair share of work. Worn-out wiper blades give poor vision which could lead to an accident and a run-down pair could risk damaging your windscreen which isn’t a cheap fix.

Below we have compiled a list of signs to look out for that could indicate that your current wipers are on their way out.

First of all, it is always best to replace the whole wiper blade and not just the rubber part with very little difference in price, purchasing a whole wiper blade will be more effective in the long run.

Lift the wiper blade away from the windscreen and check it for...

  • Wear on the edge of the blade
  • The rubber for small splits or cracks

Make note of how it performs in the rain or with the use of the screen washer. If any of the following occur your wipers are worn and need replacing

  • Juddering across the screen
  • Leaving bands of rain
  • Making a noise across the screen
  • Smearing rain across the drivers viewpoint
  • Lift from the screen

Remember that your windscreen wipers should be able to effectively remove water and dirt whilst being resistant to the heat and cold. They should also be able to remove snow and ice and resistant to corrosion.

Replacing your wiper blades is a simple enough task as long as you’ve got the correct parts that match your car’s specifications.

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