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Automotive Lighting consists of a lighting system made up of lights, signalling devices and circuitry integrated to the front, rear and sides of a motor vehicle.

Roads and track ways are lit up by the driver to enable pedestrians and other road users to see the vehicle but also to illuminate the road ahead.

Firstly a quick trip down memory lane...

Fuelled lamps (also known as Carbide lamps) where used, prior to electric lighting on the Ford Model T.

1908 saw the first use of dynamos and around the 1920s these were commonly used as a lighting solution.

The first mechanical brake signal was used on Tail/Brake lamps in 1915 and by 1919 Dip headlamps were first on the scene.

Sealed beams were introduced in 1936 and self-cancelling turn signals were developed in the 40s.

Headlamps and signal lamps were integrated into the vehicles body styling.

The swinging 60s saw the rise of the halogen head lamps and in 1991 HID headlamps were emerging. 1993 saw the dawn of the first LED tail lamps and they saw mass production shortly afterwards.

LED came to the fore in the first decade of the 21st century as the preferred solution.

Lighting the route ahead...

From headlamps to auxiliary lamps, fog lamps to daytime running lamps, right through to emergency vehicle lights and convenience lights, the world of automotive lighting keeps moving forward and embracing new technology.

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