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H Bowers are proud to be a dealer or Webasto products and technologies and would like to give you a brief overview of the company.

The Webasto group are based in Stockdorf and have been a family-owned business since it was established in 1901, with 50 locations worldwide and over 30 of them being manufacturing plants they have continued to develop, manufacture and sell products to the automotive industry for over 75 years.

Webasto’s core accomplishments include developing and producing complete roof and convertible roof systems for cars in addition to cooling, heating and ventilation systems for commercial, cars, rail, speciality and recreational vehicles and marine.

Webasto parking heaters – Why you need one!

Shaping mobility in a sustainable manner is a crucial political and social obligation for manufacturers and suppliers and comes with such issues as using alternative drive systems and reducing fuel consumption. This is why Webasto as a strategic partner supports manufacturers with inventive technology and products.

For example in the area of automobile roof systems, Webasto has developed a solar roof system which embodies one of the most efficient eco-innovation recognised by the EU.

Working on lightweight design solutions for years, Webasto has implemented multiple types of technology in serial production that have contributed to weight reduction in the roof area and based upon frequent new projects, in 2013 they invested 45 million Euros into further expanding their lightweight technology.

To certify its place as an innovation and technology leader they invested a further 40 million euros in 2015 to construct their new development and administrative center in Stockdorf.

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