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In our previous blog, we covered the main points of why you would want to own a dash cam but there are some other reasons you may want to install a dash mounted camera that were not covered.

Here are more reasons to invest in a dash cam for your vehicle.

Put your talents on show

A dash cam doesn’t just have to be used to capture the bad things that happen when driving like collisions or other accidents. Use them to record your driving skills while on a track day or other similar event and you never know when you might have to pull off a ‘legendary’ manoeuvre while simply driving on day to day basis.

If you don’t get it on camera how can you show it off!

Learn from your mistakes

Just like they do in many sporting practices, they will watch and review there last performances to see if they can improve on anything from technique to their form.

Why not do the same with your driving habits, watch your recordings and assess yourself on anything you might be able to improve on. It could be the harshness of your braking or the timing of your gear changes.

Doing this will not just benefit you or others on the road as you become a safer driver it can also increase your chance of not making a claim, potentially improving no claims bonuses.

Know what’s happening when you’re not there

Often letting others use your vehicle or just want to see what those mechanics have been up to while working on your car, then a dash cam is perfect, just set it to record and your away.

Most dashboard cameras come with inbuilt GPS these days so you can see where it’s been as well, you know in case you were wondering why your fuel was so low or your vehicle comes back particularly dirty for no reason. Now you can find out!


If you weren’t fully convinced about investing in a dashboard camera before hopefully you are now.

If this is the case we have a range available on our website to view or if you have any questions about the products feel free to get in touch on 01782 590700.

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