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You may of never of changed your wiper blades before but it is an essential task for any car owner and it is recommended that you change your wiper blades at least every 2 years.

When replacing it should ideally be done in mild weather and if your replacing one, replace the other as well at the same time and don’t forget about the back window.

You should always replace windscreen wipers in mild weather and be sure to replace both blades at the same time, as well as the rear wiper if you have one.

The Job should only take about 30 min

1st StepDo the new blades come with a small plastic attachment for fixing them to the wiper arms or do they come with nothing? If it’s the latter then you will need to match your blades up to the right one in the shop. Sometimes this can be tricky or confusing so if you’re having trouble, don’t forget you can always ask for help from a shop assistant.

2nd Step
When getting ready to fit the new blades make sure to park up in a location that is practical and safe. Preferably somewhere out of the way of traffic like a car park or driveway and ideally try and park on a level surface.

3rd Step
Pull up the wiper blades so that they are sticking out away from the windscreen with the blade exposed at the end.

4th Step
Time to remove the old blades, start by looking for how the blades are attached to the wiper arm, it will either be by a small attachment near the centre of the blades or there will be securing tabs that will need to be pressed together to release the blades.

5th Step
Fitting the new ones, if the old attachment or tabs are still intact then you can simply use them again, otherwise you will need to use the new one you acquired earlier and it should just be case of clicking them in to place.

6th Step
On particular vehicles the right and left blades can be of a different size or shape so it’s a good idea to note which is which so that you don’t put the blades back the wrong way round.

7th Step
Now the new blades are fitted you’ll need to put the wiper arm back down but delicately without letting it twanging back in to the window screen

8th Step
Give them a test, you might of not got everything lined up properly or not secured them right and you want to find this out now not on the road.

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