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Product Code: BOW9995071

The increase in cycling, especially in out cities and towns and the problems of "blind spot" hazards with heavy vehicles turning, has resulted in the number of deaths increasing significantly. There have been many attempts at solutions, nearly all of which alert the driver, NOT the cyclist or pedestrian, which seems ludicrous as they are the ones in danger.

This alarm, which works off the indicator, has been designed to say exactly what the danger is to the cyclist or pedestrian. However on building sites pedestrians wear ear defenders, cyclists on the road listed to music with earphones, which also reduces their concentration on their surroundings.

The Features Designed To Address These Issues

  • Flashing LED lights to attract the attention of the cyclist, pedestrian or even the deaf and hard of hearing
  • The ability to go significantly quieter at night to compensate for the reduced traffic noise, to be environmentally friendly
  • Universal fitment to any vehicle
  • Automatically switches ff if hazard lights are in operation
  • The light is brighter when in "quiet mode" to increase awareness

Additional Information:

  • 12/24v
  • CE and emc approved
  • E-Marked (e11*72/245*2009/19*7568*00)
  • 10R approved - 10R-037568
  • M.I.R.A tested for all on and off highway applications
  • Epoxy sealed for greater durability against water
  • Complete with anti-vibration gasket
  • Possible reduction on insurance if fitted
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C

152mm x 103mm x 50mm

£190.09 (ex. VAT)

Can only purchase a whole number

12V/24V LED Sideminder Alarm