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Product Code: LABSI6_6-3MV

Using the very best LED technology, the SI6 LED Scenelite produces 1704 lumens, providing up to an average of 40 lux across six square metres (in-house testing results).

The SI6 Scenelite produces superior illumination due to a unique design. All six LEDs are first angled at 40 degrees towards the ground, the outer two are then tilted by 30 degrees to each side, improving light distribution.

Most tungsten scene lights use 40 - 50W of power to produce 500 - 700 lumens, however the SI6 Scenelite uses on 18W of power to produce 1872 lumens.

Additional Information:

  • Unique light projections covering over 50m2
  • Low power consumption (only 18W)
  • 1872 Lumens
  • Multi-voltage (10-32V)
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • First choice for Emergency Services professionals



310mm (Length) x 82mm (Height) x 38mm (Depth)

Cross Reference:
S16_6-3MV, Guardian SC1

£79.19 (ex. VAT)

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Labcraft SI6_6-3MV Scenelite
Labcraft SI6_6-3MV Scenelite 2

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