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So you tried our tips for avoiding motion/travel sickness and they didn’t quite work or you just want to be prepared for when the sickness does kick in, either way though there is no permanent cure, below we have some tips for you to help cope with it and in the best case scenario hopefully get rid of it for the remainder of the journey.

Opening a window and getting yourself some fresh air should be your first point of call and if that’s not enough to ease the symptoms, if possible actually get out of the vehicle, the combination of being stationary and the fresh air may be enough to help.

Block your view of the motion outside the vehicle to find some relief, this can be done simply by closing your eyes but there is specially designed eyewear out there.

Dry or worn-out eyes can also play a factor in causing motion sickness and splashing your face with water or using eye drops can help with this. If wearing contacts, swapping them for your glasses is recommended.

Try to eat some dry food, it has be found that intake of dry foods can help with reducing motion sickness. The idea is that dry foods such as rice crackers or crisps can soak up the excess acid within the stomach.

Perform acupressure on yourself, many people have reported that applying acupressure to their inner wrist can help relieve them of the felling of motion sickness. You will need to locate the area that a wrist watch would normally be placed on the wrist and feel for your tendons, now apply pressure to that spot with your fingertips for about 10 seconds. You can also buy specially made wrist bands with a pressure spot on them for use for this exact situation.

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