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At H Bowers we’ve been supplying the automotive industry since 1939 and we’ve learned a thing or two since we started about how to be the best spare parts supplier we can be. We’ve also learned a few tricks as to how to spot the companies you don’t want to work with. In this post, we’ll explore how to choose the right spare parts supplier for you.

Go beyond just price

While the price of a part is a large consideration, it shouldn’t be the only thing you think about when choosing a supplier. The old adage goes that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t just pick the cheapest as the quality very often doesn’t follow. Think about the value rather than the price. Is the product of sufficient quality that paying a little more is economical?

Any added extras?

Does the supplier include any guarantee or warranty to support their product? Do they deliver for free over a certain amount? Will they dispatch the same day if you have an urgent order? All of these things can be vital when choosing a spare parts supplier that you can trust.

How experienced are they?

If a company has only been in business for a matter of months, how can they be trusted to provide you with the expertise you need? Most problems that occur with ordering spare parts are due to human error. Either the person ordering or the person taking the order isn’t sure of the right product and mistakes can happen. We get to know our customers and can comfortably make suggestions based on your requirements.

Do they have good reviews?

Everyone gets a bad review from time to time. Things don’t always go to plan and with the best of intentions, customers can leave dissatisfied. A good supplier, however, will showcase their testimonials so you know they can be trusted. Don’t expect that things won’t go wrong, but be confident that your supplier can handle it when they do.

Any fine print?

Double check any payment terms, delivery stipulations, restrictions on warranties etc before you start. The fine print can catch you out if you don’t take care and ask questions before you begin. It’s a tedious job but necessary to protect you and your customers.

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