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The consumer champions Which? have completed an investigation into comparison websites with some surprising results. See below a summary of their findings and our thoughts on the report. You can read the full article here.

”Apparent errors” in cover offered vs actually received

Some of the more common errors included:

  • Whether loss of keys was covered or not
  • Whether a courtesy car was “guaranteed” or not
  • Overstating personal accident cover
  • Whether sunroof cover was included or not

These were just some of the discrepancies found. Obviously, you need to have the confidence that your insurance is covering you for every eventuality that has been advertised.

How to keep yourself covered when using comparison websites?

All of the comparison sites which were checked do suggest that once you go through to the providers’ website to finalise the purchase you should check all of the details are correct.

Tip #1 – Double check every detail you have provided

It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the details you have given and the cover you have been quoted for are what you needed. Check both before you commit. If you do find that there are differences after you have purchased there is a cooling off period of 14 days which means you can cancel but this could leave you without cover completely.

Tip #2 – Use more than one site to compare

The same policy with the same provider can sometimes be cheaper on different comparison sites. Of course, still check everything before you go ahead.

Tip #3 – Check for added extras

In these times after GDPR automatic opt-ins should be a thing of the past but do be careful that boxes aren’t pre-checked or that things you thought were included aren’t with an added cost.

Tip #4 – Understand your excess

Most insurers include a compulsory excess charge which means you cover this cost in the event of a claim. A voluntary excess however can automatically be added which means you could be liable for twice that amount or even more. Add both excess values together and make sure that you would be able to pay both in the event of a claim.


Clearly, there are things to be aware of when buying insurance through comparison sites. Hopefully, with these tips you won’t be left without cover when you need it. H Bowers are here to help you to save money on all of your automotive parts and spares. Contact us for more information.

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