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At H Bowers we only supply our customers with the very best car parts from the very best automotive industries. And today we bring you Labcraft Lighting.

Who are Labcraft?

Labcraft designs and manufactures LED lights for vehicles in the commercial and emergency sectors; selling their products to countries all over the world

Labcraft first started off by selling fluorescent lighting in 1956. As the years went on and as the company grew older, it evolved into a leading developer, manufacturer and a devoted supplier of energy-efficient lighting solutions with distinctive design features. This makes them unique to the rest of the competitors on the market.

Since 1956 Labcraft have a deep knowledge of the lighting industry, and they continue to have the knowledge even with the new products we see today such as LED’s. It’s all down to their continuous training programme schemes they provide to their employees that ensure the Labcraft team will always be at hand when needed. With their main factory in the UK means that they can keep up when the markets demands.

On top of all that, Labcraft knows that the manufacturing process has the potential to harm the environment because of the materials and emissions it can create. Many other companies should lead by this example as Labcraft are all committed to improving the environment by implementing sustainable practices.

Today, this company is a family run business committed to providing its customers with the highest level of both product quality and service.

Here at H Bowers we supply the best Labcraft products from their LED & strip lights so click Here to view the latest Labcraft parts catalogue, all of which are available to order just call us on 01782 590700 or email to get more information.