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Here at H Bowers we only provide our customers with car parts from the very best automotive brands and these include Sim who produce a high quality replica of the Cibie brand spotlights. Cibie is now part of the Valeo Group, a company that specialises in the development of lighting apparatus.

Founded in 1919 at a time when the automotive industry was rapidly progressing, it is used today by the likes of Renault, Peugeot, and Simea. The Cibie brand is known worldwide for its top quality headlamps and fog lamps; on our website, you can find replica Cibie driving lamps at a fraction of the price such as the following:

Cibie Oscar Replica H3 Bulb Spotlight

Sim 3205 7” Cibie Oscar Replica H3 Bulb Spotlight


The Sim 3205 spotlight is made from inox-polished stainless steel and is supplied with M10 mounting bolt and unpunctured grommet.

Like all of the Cibie lights, this product is resistant to even the most extreme of weather conditions so if you are repairing a vehicle that is used in the deep, dark winters then these spotlights are a safe option to choose.

H4 Bulb (Dipped & Main Beam)

Sim 3206 7” Cibie Oscar Replica H4 Bulb (Dipped & Main Beam)


Similar to the above, the Sim 3206 is a Cibie dipped and main beam light also made from Inox polished stainless steel.

Designed for off-road use only, like all of the Oscar lights it has been made using technology that provides optimal lighting conditions and good night vision –ideal for this time of year.

H3 Bulb Spotlight

Sim 3208 9” Cibie Super Oscar Replica H3 Bulb Spotlight


This is another of our replica Cibie Oscar lights. Using halogen bulb technology, these fittings are popular not only because of their reliability but because they use a cutting edge H/D system that reduces their electricity consumption by 40%. In other words they are better for the environment as well as more economical than other alternatives.

If you would like to find more information about any of our Cibie driving lamps, if you want to order yours, or browse the rest of our H Bowers car parts, visit our website or get in touch.

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