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Bosch became the automotive industry’s supplier of the first ever fuel injection system in 1967; since then, the brand continued to be at the forefront of fuel and automotive technology.

Innovations from the brand have had a mass influence on the history of the automobile and now standing as the world’s leading independent parts supplier to the industry, Bosch continues to make driving safer, reliable and more economical which is why we at H Bowers have such confidence in their parts.

With a variety of spare car parts on offer on our online store from wiper blades through to alternator and fuel injector systems, Bosch never fails to impress with their quality, particularly as each of their parts only goes into mass production following stringent testing.

Each part from this leading manufacturer is available for almost all vehicle makes and models and comes with the same superiority that you would expect from car parts fitted into a brand new car, lorry or bus at the point of manufacture.

From Bosch’s humble creation of the fuel injector through to their wiper blades, here’s our guide to just some of Bosch parts you can expect to find on our website, from the brand.

Fuel injectors

Performing a key role in the atomisation of fuel, the electro-valves in a fuel injector react in milliseconds to open and close giving the electrical control unit maximum control over fuel flow to the engine.

When failure occurs it is more than likely due to contamination of the fuel system or corrosion as a result of moisture, which is when replacement is encouraged in order to improve fuel mixture and in turn overall vehicle performance.

This is when choosing a Bosch fuel Injector couldn’t be more beneficial, particularly as performance extends beyond simple control over fuel flow, and allows for low carbon emissions and economical execution of fuel flow – this is why they are commonly found in modern vehicles as manufactured.

As the leading supplier of fuel injectors in manufactured models of car they also promote competitive prices and can be found here.

Alternators and Starter motors

With more than 100 years of experience in the design and creation of starters and alternators, Bosch parts are a worthy investment if not for the knowledge that has allowed them to create such reliable parts but for their efficiency and long lasting durability.

Whether you are looking for A Bosch starter motor or alternator as a spare replacement vehicle part or for use in a vehicle from the point of OE manufacturing, our range of parts has something to suit.

With efficiency and quality at their epicentre the Bosch range of alternators work alongside the battery to generate the power required for the electrical components of a vehicle and are completely cost efficient.

A wide range of starter motors from Bosch also allow for application in a broad array of vehicle types from commercial lorries and industry vehicles through to passenger cars, while the alternators which range from New Baseline to Efficiency Line Alternators offer alternators for all size of vehicle including start/stop systems which often have increased energy requirements.

Wiper blades

Whether you own large commercial or passenger vehicles, ensuring that your vision is clear throughout a journey is fundamental to your passenger’s safety. Our Bosch range of wiper blades - which have been developed over more than 75 years - cover every eventuality, size and fit that may be required.

From the SuperPlus conventional wipers through to Aerotwin multiclip and Retrofit models, Bosch’s innovative technology translates into super wiper performance which can enhance visibility and ensure optimum levels of safety.

The conventional wiper blades, SuperPlus, which boast an internal tensioning strip for optimum screen contact are found on more than 90% of UK cars[1] fitted as manufactured and due to their construction of dual rubber materials, clean effectively for longer. A quick clip adaptor means that they are easily removed and fitted for ease.

The Aerotwin blades from Bosch come in two varied fits; multi-clip and retro fit and both produce effective screen cleaning at higher speeds under critical weather conditions, many thanks to their custom designed flex rails and balanced force distribution.

With innovative designs marrying form and function together they provide a balanced distribution of application force.

At H Bowers we only want to provide our customers with best automotive experiences – ones which are efficient and cost effective. With Bosch’s innovations, which have helped define and shape vehicles throughout automotive history, we think you will find the results that you require.

Should you have any questions about our Bosch range or are unable to find a part that you require, please contact us, our team of specialists will be more than happy to accommodate.


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