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Electric vehicles appear to be the hip new thing, but they have unfortunately been met with bad press from petrol heads constantly showing their feelings of dissent. However, It is high time we let go of these long held prejudices against electric vehicles, given their many advantages. Here are some of the most convincing reasons why an electric vehicle is necessary.

Help the environment

Electric vehicles help the environment. With our current climate epidemic, electric vehicles can really push our fight against global warming in the right direction. Erratic weather, rising temperatures and forest fires are only the tips of the iceberg, so why not help prevent these things with an electric vehicle. Some may claim that electricity is produced from fossil fuels in many locations, but that too is going to change quickly and you can do your bit by choosing an electric vehicle.

Coming around to the idea

When they take a trip in an EV, even the most ardent petrol heads come around to the idea. It is mind-blowing how quickly they respond to the throttle with immediate acceleration. Unlike an internal combustion engine, an electric engine is much simpler, resulting in longer term, more refined operation.


You don't want to be left behind in the future. Things such as microwaves and computers were things people frowned upon at first and now look where we are; this will be the same with electric vehicles. The opinion is that everyone in a few years will be driving EV vehicles and petrol engines will be a thing of the past.

Saving the pennies

It is well known that electric vehicles are very cost-effective. Internal combustion engines have been very successful with trying to reduce the cost, but they reached their pinnacle a long time ago and can’t really get any more efficient than it currently is. Add into the equation the low service costs of an EV and fewer parts, they will also be fixed quicker.

Low maintenance

Maintenance is at the back of your mind when it comes to an electric vehicle. Every engine has essentially one moving part. With the simplicity of the engine department, it means there is very little maintenance required to keep the car running.

It’s here to stay

Every major car manufacturer is now invested in the electric vehicle market and is spending millions to make the perfect vehicle. With the large technological advancements in batteries and other refinements has made them very reliable and practical.

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