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Bosch Wiper Blades

Bosch wiper blades use the latest design technology to ensure you have a clear field of vision for the road ahead. Change your wipers now if you are finding that they are skipping, streaking, splitting or squeaking.

Highly effective in the most testing of weather conditions, Bosch windscreen wipers help to create optimum visibility and safety for your vehicle. We stock three of the most common Bosch wiper blades, including flat and super plus, guaranteeing you only the best quality in a size that fits your vehicles needs.

There is a good reason why Bosch wipers are increasingly becoming the go to brand for car manufacturers when looking for quality and performance. Many cars are now installed with these windscreen wipers from the factory.

Replacing your wiper blades is a simple enough task as long as you’ve got the correct parts that match your car’s specifications.